Mastering the Supply Chain

Helping to solve your supply chain puzzle

SUPPLY CHAIN: A network of entities, directly or indirectly interlinked and interdependent in serving the same consumer or customer. It may be comprised of the following functions or activities:

  • Requisitioner:
    • Planner, End User, Warehouse stock replenishment application

  • Acquisition / Procurement:
    • Internal, Third Party service

  • Suppliers:
    • Manufacturers / Distributors / Retailers

  • Transportation / Shipping:
    • Land, Sea, Air

  • Expediting, Customs entity, and Clearing agency (as/if appropriate):

  • Warehouse Operations:
    • Receive/inspect, inventory control, store, preserve/safeguard, assemble, issue/distribute, reorder, manage returns, disposal, warehouse design & security, materials cataloguing

  • End User

  • Payables

    Consulting: Warehousing

    Oil Patch can comprehensively review and develop modern warehouse/distribution center facilities and the associated business processes to provide maximum service to customers.

    Whether improving an existing facility or designing a new facility, we will apply our considerable design experience and proven "best-practices" to develop the optimal layout and flow within a short period of time.

    Management of the warehouse environment is a crucial part of most companies' survival, recovery, and/or growth. The modern warehouse/distribution center is the central operation in most logistics networks. Whether connected to a plant or as a stand alone facility, cross-dock operation, single-line or multiple-line mixing facility, the warehouse must not only efficiently perform the classic storage and shipping functions, but often also handle final assembly, kitting, samples, returns, pricing, and other special value-added services.

    We have extensive experience in helping companies keep up with the dramatic changes in warehouse/distribution center operations. Our team combines on-the-floor data gathering with sophisticated modeling techniques to produce and implement warehouse/distribution center operation plans that provide increased savings and reliability for tomorrow while keeping the inventory moving today.

    Within Warehouse/Distribution Center Services, we specialize in the following:
    • Warehouse/Distribution Center Design and Layout - Stimulate warehouse operation improvements
    • Deliver improved physical layouts and operating plans for distribution centers; emphasizing materials flow, staffing and equipment
    • Design new facilities or redesign existing operations
    • Benchmark warehouse operations and costs
    • Develop labor productivity audits
    • Assess operating procedures, update work standards & management productivity control systems
    • Establish and maintain productivity standards
    • Perform analysis and recommend materials handling systems
    • Specify material handling & storage equipment, and warehouse automation
    • Evaluate the need for outsourcing