Mastering the Supply Chain

Helping to solve your supply chain puzzle

SUPPLY CHAIN: A network of entities, directly or indirectly interlinked and interdependent in serving the same consumer or customer. It may be comprised of the following functions or activities:

  • Requisitioner:
    • Planner, End User, Warehouse stock replenishment application

  • Acquisition / Procurement:
    • Internal, Third Party service

  • Suppliers:
    • Manufacturers / Distributors / Retailers

  • Transportation / Shipping:
    • Land, Sea, Air

  • Expediting, Customs entity, and Clearing agency (as/if appropriate):

  • Warehouse Operations:
    • Receive/inspect, inventory control, store, preserve/safeguard, assemble, issue/distribute, reorder, manage returns, disposal, warehouse design & security, materials cataloguing

  • End User

  • Payables

    Consulting: Procurement

    Process changes can greatly affect the success of any organization. A professional evaluation can highlight problem areas and diagnose strengths and weaknesses in any procurement organization.

    Our team will help you to identify:
    • Non-value added, intensive activities and help you to streamline it, automate it or eliminate it all together.
    • Areas in the procurement process where Best Practice Guidelines are not currently being utilized.
    • Process improvements utilizing Guidelines of Best Practices to enhance the procurement functions currently performed
    • Enhanced opportunities through smarter Vendor Management.