Welcome to Oil Patch Supplies and Consulting

The idea for starting the company was based on having years of experience in procurement, logistics, and warehouse operations, and a genuine love for the business of providing a valuable service and achieving exemplary customer satisfaction. After having worked for a major oil company for many years, the thought was to start a company that would take full advantage of all the supply chain knowledge acquired over the years and use it to help our clients improve their performance.

Our Mission

Oil Patch Supplies and Consulting will quickly build a reputation as a supplier of high-quality materials & equipment and exceptional procurement & warehouse operations consulting services. Our initial concentration will be in the Louisiana, Texas and West African markets, with special focus on Nigeria. OPSC will target growth in Greenfield and developing markets. The Company will exemplify "Over the Top" enthusiasms, zeal and a burning desire to be the very best in class. We will live the motto, "What we sell is proactive procurement solutions and world class customer satisfaction."

The Management

The management team of Oil Patch has over 74 years of combined experience in Procurement, Services Contracting, Materials Management & Logistics, and Warehouse Operations.

Oil Patch Supplies and Consulting is managed overall by the founder, James R. Lewis, working with his management team, responsible for customer services, sourcing & acquisitions, order fulfilment, logistics & delivery, sales & marketing, and accounting & administration. The goal of Oil Patch Supplies and Consulting is to develop a team of committed associates who mutually support each other so that the customer's expectations can be exceeded.

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